Board of Directors

Zouheir brings over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and currently serves as CTO at Cogeco Communications. As a seasoned industry executive, Zouheir has lived many of the problems experienced by CSPs in building essential infrastructure to connect the world.

Prior to joining Cogeco's executive team, Zouheir spent 13 years at TELUS. He first served as vice president responsible for commercializing technology and, later, he led the National Broadband Implementation (planning, engineering, and construction) fulfilling the investment of $4B in access fiberin frastructure deployment, connecting more than 2 million homes and businesses.

Zouheir holds a Maîtrise ès Sciences Mathématiques from Université Pierre etMarie Curie, Paris, and M. Sc. and Ph. D. degrees in mathematics from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.

Mike Buss

Servant Leader Product Designer

Mike is a multi-disciplinary designer who brings 10 years of experience spanning the fields of architecture, industrial design, and product design. He holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Master of Design degree, has managed multi-million dollar construction projects, and is well-versed at coordinating large groups of stakeholders.

Mike has a passion for creating high quality products and experiences. He pairs a practical, hands-on mentality with open-ended curiosity to achieve this goal.

Leadership Team

Everyone is a leader At VITRUVI

Every team-member at Vitruvi is a leader in some area. For some people, it is not natural to lead through service, however, the team at Vitruvi believe it will be their key to success. Vitruvi invites all customers, partners and team-members to join the journey of defining corporate culture in this way.


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Servant Leadership

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