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Manage every aspect of your telecommunications or utility infrastructure construction program with Vitruvi. A single, end-to-end, GIS-based, SaaS platform that connects asset owners, operators, general contractors and subcontractors for unmatched project control and collaboration.

Vitruvi is a fit-for-purpose solution that provides best in class functionality, integrations and workflows. No matter how far reaching your network, Vitruvi allows asset owners, EPCs, GCs, and subcontractors to seamlessly plan, set-up and manage projects, record and report work.

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What is Vitruvi

Deploying broadband and utility infrastructure is multi-dimensional. Your construction management software should be too.

Streamlined data and communication. One definitive source of truth.

The team at Vitruvi understands your challenges. We’ve been there before, working inside major telecommunications, utilities and EPC companies.

We know that for your company to succeed, your software platforms need to harness the strengths of your existing processes, while enabling greater efficiencies. We also understand the value of connecting engineering, construction, finance, project management, QA and marketing–through collaborative tools that allow real-time reporting from the back office, to the field, to the front office.

That’s why we built Vitruvi. To provide end-to-end construction management, with all program data and workflows managed on a single software platform.


Practical features from the office to the field, and back again.

Vitruvi’s GIS-based construction management software empowers all stakeholders involved in deploying infrastructure across all stages of the project. Its advanced functionality spans the entire project build: from Scoping & Planning through to Reporting & Close-Out.

Production Reporting

Record production from your field crews in one place and say goodbye to unreliable spreadsheets. Assign work from the web, field crews can submit their entire field report from mobile, supervisors review and approve submissions from web or mobile, providing your PMO with a real-time view of cost and schedule status.

Time Keeping

Your time is important, and Vitruvi’shighly configurable time reporting capabilities allow any resource (field or office) to input timecards for labor and equipment, from mobile or the web while linking these costs to jobs, projects and programs.

Redlines and As-Builts

Accurately recording what you build is of primary importance for you and your customers. Collect ALL as-built information in the field, including running line markups sketched directly on your mobile device. Your redlines and as-builts have never been produced more quickly and accurately—we guarantee it.

Document Management

There are a lot of documents associated with your projects—whether those documents are created during design, construction, QA or commissioning. Vitruvi’s document management is seamlessly integrated across all teams, enables automated project close-out, and ensures you never lose a document again!

Project Financials

Manage all aspects of project budgets, job costing and revenue capture in a single location ensuring your view of cost and revenue is always up-to-date and accurate. Vitruvi’s SOC 1 certification allows you to rely on Vitruvi for complex project financial reporting.

Invoice Management

Record customer and vendor contracts in Vitruvi and link them to the associated work items and project deliverables, ensuring your invoices are prepared and reconciled accurately and quickly. Reducing revenue leakage and ensuring you only pay for work that has been completed and approved properly.

Materials Management

Track detailed material requirements so you know what you need and when you need it. And record exactly what materials are used ensuring your billing and invoicing are accurate.

Project Schedules

Delivering on-time is important. Vitruvienables progress across all teams to be recorded and reported in a single location so that schedule impacts are always visible to the entire team.

Permit Management

Track permit submission and acquisition on the integrated platform so that construction teams know when permits are available and have the permits available to them on their mobile device.

Program Tracking

Track and manage construction projects at the program level with built-in summary financial and schedule views—or build your own custom dashboards.

Escalations & Ticketing

Track issues, escalations and deficiency lists with Vitruvi’s built-in ticketing engine that supports file attachments, assignment and due date tracking, notes history, and links to any entity on the platform.

Quality Assurance

Vitruvi puts the entire suite of project documentation--designs, production reports, photos, redlines and test results—at your QA technician’s finger-tips enabling them to collaborate in real-time with field technicians and project managers.


Vitruvi provides an integrated FLHA functionality to streamline the creation, submission and recording of FLHA reports.

Resource Capacity Planning

Tracking detailed production data across all labour and equipment enables your PMO to optimize project scheduling and resource capacity planning for all aspects of your construction operation.

Productivity Analysis

With integrated timesheet and production reporting on a single platform, analyze and understand resource productivity based on geography, work type and customer.

Equipment Utilization

Integrated time tracking and production reporting enable your operations teams to understand and report on equipment utilization, charge-backs and internal/external rental charges.

Connect with

Empower your team to make data-driven decisions that enhance project outcomes, profitability and competitive advantage.

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How it works

Functionality for every role

All your design and as-built data on a single platform

Connect directly to your designs

Upload any GIS design file into Vitruvi or link directly with your design platform or system of record using Vitruvi’s RESTful APIs.

Never miss as-built data collection

Design changes and as-built data collection requirements are automatically communicated to field personnel.

Collect as-built data directly from a mobile device

Field teams can record as-built data directly from their mobile device, ensuring data is entered once and collected at the source.

Increase accuracy and speed of as-built posting

Vitruvi provides enterprise grade platform security and role-based access controls that enable effective collaboration with your vendors and your customers on a single platform. Manage access based on company type, role, project, program, region, or module.
Increase PMO labor
efficiency by 80%

Manage programs and projects in one place

A single source of truth for cost and schedule across all programs and clients.

Scale your operations with standard templates

Standardize and scale all aspects of program management with powerful templates for Work Packages, Work Orders, Work Items, Pay Items, and Schedules.

Manage statuses and schedules in real-time

Plan, adjust and view status reporting for project and program schedules in one location.

Track costs and revenue in real-time

Cost, revenue, schedules, as-builts—it’s all connected. Let Vitruvi power your reporting for a true, real-time view of financial performance.
Progress reporting that is both fast and accurate

Schedule and assign work at the click of a button

Connect your resources with all the design and permit information they need to complete their jobs correctly the first time. All you have to do is point and click.

Review and Approve Field Reporting from any device

Easily review and approve timesheets, production reports, FLHA’s and extra work requests from your mobile device, with multiple approvers and approval stages.

Real-time status reporting across your program

Have all the facts at your finger-tips before you make that phone call.

Create close-out packages in record time

Configure close-out package templates that meet the needs of the most demanding client requirements. Download and send them at the click of a button.
Field reporting that is 2x faster to submit and 10x faster to approve

Mobile Time Reporting

Record timesheets or timecards on mobile or web, for you or your whole crew.

Mobile Production Reporting

Record all aspects of your field reporting in one place, including work activities, materials, quantities, and extra work.

Project documents synced to mobile

All project documents associated with your assigned work are synced to your mobile device and available, even when you’re offline.

Markup as-builts directly from your mobile device

Record all as-built and red-line information from your mobile device, including red-line sketches and adjustments to the running line.
Reduce your order-to-cash cycle
and increase margins


Use Vitruvi’s built-in dashboards to provide real-time updates on financial and schedule results and leverage the platform’s API’s to power custom dashboards inside Vitruvi or within your enterprise dashboarding platform.

Real-time Financial and Schedule Status

Gain increased certainty around project delivery timelines and project profitability with real-time status for financial and schedule performance.

Automated Close-Out Packages and Invoicing

Give your teams the tools they need to automate the project close-out process and generate invoices that are accurate and complete.

Enterprise RBAC and Security Permissions

Vitruvi provides enterprise grade platform security and role-based access controls that enable effective collaboration with your vendors and your customers on a single platform. Manage access based on company type, role, project, program, region, or module.

W H Y  V I T R U V I

Construction management best-practices built-in.

You are responsible for building the rapidly growing, ever-evolving network of infrastructure to meets the needs of a connected, modern society. Vitruvi was created to meet your needs, as the team that is responsible for making it possible.


Reduce delays, costs, rework and lost project data, through streamlined communications and a single source of truth. Instantly communicate project changes to the entire team. Improved resource management so teams are never sitting idle.

Automate Project Close-Out
& Get Paid Sooner

Capture as-built and redline data from the field. Photo/video verification streamlines approvals, and integrated document management helps automate the close-out package process, helping you invoice sooner and get paid faster.

Complete Project,
Schedule & Cost Visibility

With greater visibility comes greater predictability. Accurate, timely, and centralized progress reporting keeps all stakeholders informed for improved decision making at all levels.

Mobile Reporting
& Data Capture

Vitruvi’s convenient mobile app allows construction managers and field staff to provide on-the-spot production reporting to track time, progress, materials and resource costs in online and offline environments.

Built to Scale

Bring GIS into Construction Operations
All work, and project details are mapped out for all stakeholders. Import a GIS design and Vitruvi automatically creates a work breakdown structure. Or link Vitruvi directly with your system of record for seamless updates between both systems.
Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration
Manage multiple projects and programs and connect vendors and customers on a single platform, with secure role-based access control.


Vitruvi Client Success Stories

Vitruvi has proven to be a very capable partner. Their commitment in deployment to get the system performing per our requirements has been excellent. The systems share data as needed and the Vitruvi team is very responsive to any issues that arise (there have not been any significant).

Ed K, General Manager

Netly Fiber

Having the right construction management software in place is critical for getting the job done accurately and efficiently. For that reason, UTOPIA Fiber selected Vitruvi because its GIS-enabled tools are unrivaled.

Aaron L, COO

Utopia Fiber

Direct Communications is an independent, family-owned broadband provider, positioned upon the distribution of reliable community networks. Our emphasis on customer service means that we need deployment tools that ensure stable fiber build-outs. Since implementing Vitruvi, we have reduced our rework down to zero and the intuitive platform enables our teams to operate with the same sophistication as a large publicly-funded broadband builder.

Nathan B, COO

Direct Communications

Vitruvi has improved our fieldwork efficiency by 79% and project stakeholders are informed by real-time data.

Joseph G | President

AFL Global


Built fit-for-purpose

There are many construction management software solutions on the market. Yet none were designed to solve the unique challenges associated with the construction of utility and broadband infrastructure. Until Vitruvi. Our GIS-based, cloud platform provides end-to-end workflows for companies involved in managing and constructing this critical infrastructure, with an ongoing commitment to efficiency, profitability and quality control.



Power Transmission
& Distribution

Gas Transmission
& Distribution


& P A R T N E R S H I P S

Backed by powerful
technology & partners

VitruvI’s modern, cloud-based technology is built with open API’s, to streamline the flow of information between Vitruvi and other enterprise systems. Vitruvi imports HLD/LLD designs or can connect directly to your design systems, automatically creating work breakdown structures, project schedules and budgets. And as work is completed, as-built and red-line data is pushed into your asset inventory system and other systems of record.

The greatest risk
is often standing still

Discover how migrating to a single digital construction platform improves control, increases accountability and lowers costs through greater project visibility, understanding and collaboration.

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